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Let's face it. Community Forests are underrepresented in the profession of arboriculture today. The greatest emphasis is centered on Urban Forests--those forests owned or administered by government agencies, typically made up of street tree and municipal park systems. 

Urban Forests are well represented and have increasingly robust research, regulation and reporting to protect and develop these essential tree populations.

But what about all the trees on private property, managed by volunteers, non-profits, property management companies and owners? While Urban Forests are typically managed by staff arborists and urban foresters, millions upon millions of privately owned and managed trees are handled by any combination of skilled and unskilled owners, managers, tree workers and gardeners.

The collective Community Forest that we all live, shop or work within is deserving of the dignity of proper oversight. Join Community Forests Council today as a commitment of solidarity to raise the bar on the quality of care our Community Forests receive.

With the goal of uniting owners, managers, and caretakers under one cause, membership is offered to all participants in the administration of Community Forests. 


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Community Forests have a profound influence on human interaction. Trees define space and create atmosphere. Trees provide shelter and sustenance. And trees, more than any other natural element, create a gathering point where people connect with each other.


Join us in raising the quality of care for Community Forests.